It’s already well into November, another year is almost gone…

Was this year all you hoped it would be? Be honest.

Whatever you answered above, did you know you can start right this minute and make your next year YOUR BEST YEAR YET? Yes you can…Really… I’m here to help you do it. There’s just a few things you need to get started.


Your Best Year Yet Is Possible

Joy comes as I create my Best Year Yet

To start you have to believe it’s possible – or you have to at least have HOPE that it might be possible, commit to do it and keep going for long enough to experience real, positive results. No belief, no hope – there is no power to start.


Your BEST YEAR YET starts with choice – you don’t have to do anything. After all, in one year’s time you will be a year older, whether you change anything or not. You will end up in 1 year right where you are heading now, if you change nothing.

  • Maybe this year was great and another great year is fine by you… But are you planning to make it better? Because please be aware that what worked well to get you this far will not take you to the next level of joy, results or positive relationships. Keep up the good work and do what it takes to become even better.
  • Not such a good year this year? Right now, today – You have a choice – more of the same or intentionally choosing to grow and to make the next year better.

Everything changes with a decision accompanied by action – deciding and not doing does not work.


Direction is Key

“You cannot change your destination overnight but you can change you direction overnight.” Jim Rohn

To experience the power of direction in your own life follow this simple demonstration exercise:

  1. Stand in the middle of a room or open space. Look where you are now. Mark that spot.
  2. Take one step forward in the direction you are facing. Look back to where you have come from.
    • No, it’s not far. That’s why most people give up after taking one or two steps in the direction of their dreams. They look back and see where they have come from and it is not far YET!
    • They tell themselves, “It’s too hard.” “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Or, “It’s a waste of time, it’s not worth it, I’ll never get there anyhow. People like me aren’t lucky like some”.
    • Have you ever told yourself similar things and killed your own dream or goals?
    • Has someone close to you said these things to you and you have let it in and given up?
  1. Take 10 steps forward in the direction you were originally going then mark that spot.Circle of success
  2. Return to your starting point. Stand in your original position facing the same way as before.
  3. Deliberately turn your feet and body 90 degrees, right or left. Your new direction is your choice.
    • Have you moved anywhere? No. You are still where you were.
    • But you are heading in a different direction.
    • You are set up for different results. They are just not obvious yet.
  1. Take one step in the new direction.
  2. Look back to where you started. Look over to where your first step in the other direction took you.
    • It’s not far.
    • But don’t stop.
    • Don’t give up.
  1. Turn to your new direction again and take 10 steps. Look again. Where are you from where you started?
    • Where are you from your 10 steps in the other direction?
    • The distance is opening up. Think about 100 steps. What difference would that make?

My Life – Make It Better – Day by Day

Think… What does this walking exercise work out in my daily life?

What difference can it make? –  For my fitness? My employment? My business? My relationships? My finances?

But what steps do I need to take? What do I need to do? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? How do I get started? how do I keep going until I see the results I want to see? These are the questions we will help you answer and implement so you can get the results you want.

Each area of life that we seek to master and improve will require different skills, actions, personal strengths and qualities to produce the best outcomes in our lives.


Watch Out – Help Is On Its Way

At Equipped4Success we are putting together some special programs to give the support you to make this coming year YOUR BEST YEAR YET!

You will gain CLARITY, COURAGE and  CONFIDENCE as you CONNECT to your dream and CREATE your FUTURE.

Don’t want to miss out? Subscribe and receive all the updates and news via our weekly blog and watch next week for your early bird notice on creating your Best Year Yet.



Main Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

The Success Circle by Equipped4Success

Joyful Woman Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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