For those who prefer live training, we offer workshops (2 hours, half day or full day) that are designed to help you and your team begin to think about your business or organization so that you can focus your energy on what is truly important and get the results you desire.

We offer specifically tailored growth, leadership, team development and communication workshops to meet YOUR needs so as to maximise your investment in the training. We achieve this by using the most appropriate learning and development, leadership and team building models including but not limited to Leadership Games, Transformational Roundtables, DISC Psychometric Assessment, Coaching and Workshops.

What we are… What we can do

  1. We custom deliver a comprehensive suite of proven and scientifically validated content, frameworks and practices in a range of modalities that meet the client’s needs and organisation structure.
  2. Our model is to create personal growth and organisational cultural transformation using a continuous education model proven to deliver results.
  3. Training builds cohesively, layer upon layer, to produce exceptional results.
  4. Our consultants bring depth and breadth of experience in leadership, training and coaching.
  5. Use combination of event and process to grow the people, encourage development and change culture.

What we will not do…

  1. We will not just ‘tick boxes’ or deliver one off, ‘one-size-fits-all’ courses that do not produce growth nor change.
  2. Information and courses on their own do not bring cultural or leadership growth and change. We will not just ‘dump information’ without real life application.


Metrics are to be agreed upon prior to any implementation and will be directly aligned with the desired results. Once agreed, metrics can be tracked via monthly or weekly reports, anecdotal evidence and observation to ensure the program is continuing to meet your objectives. Metrics are limited to what really adds value rather than having metrics for the sake of having one. Where that occurs, metrics become a burden, where all the effort is spent recording, yet with the purpose lost and minimal change.