There is no standing still. Playing it safe means you are sliding backwards. Choose to step forward and create your future.

Circle of successSuccess is not the easiest thing in the world. There is a reason why many are not creating the kind of success in their personal, work or business that generates the financial freedom and the quality of life they aspire to. We all have the ability to achieve our dreams – yet most of us achieve comfortable mediocrity at best. The ones who do, succeed because they think differently to how most people think. Success is achievable provided you do not follow the 99% down the path of mediocrity rather than modelling what creates success. 

Learning the essential skills is a process of firstly, being aware of the need to know followed by an acknowledgement that it must be learnt. You must embrace an ongoing commitment to learning and have a growth mindset. The circle of AWARENESS. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT, ACTION and ACCELERATED GROWTH is at a higher and higher level each time, compounding on your learning and building on firm foundations. 


How many times have you invested in a program only to leave it sitting unopened on your bookshelf? We have all been just as guilty of this. We have great intentions … We’ll start tomorrow or after we’ve finished THAT job, or after the end of financial year or Uncle Tom’s birthday. We make excuses and we procrastinate.

Implementing change, any change at all, will not come easily to any organisations or to any individual for that matter. Generally, people will only change when it becomes too unbearable for them not to change. Implementing change therefore becomes a process that has to be managed. There are four stages that people commonly move through when facing change:

4 stages of change

Initially, there will be denial and resistance. This is often driven by a fear of loss of power and control over their routine and habits. This initial fear is the foundation that creates mistrust, misunderstanding and leads to misinformation. Robert Kennedy said, “Progress is a nice word. But change is its motivator. And change has its enemies.” Each stage must be handled differently. What works in Stage 1 will not work in Stage 2. People fear that which they do not understand. Therefore, for any change to be successfully implemented, it must be properly managed.

competence learning modelThe 4 Stages for Learning Any New Skill developed at Gordon Training International learning model under pins HOW we structure our curriculum. People will go from Unconscious Incompetence (i.e. they don’t understand, they don’t know and probably don’t care that they don’t know), to Conscious Incompetence (i.e. they know they don’t know and want to know) to Conscious Competence (i.e. they have learnt how to do it, but it requires focus and effort) to the ultimate prize of Unconscious Competence where it’s now second nature. You walk into your business and you just KNOW that something isn’t right. It’s become intuitive – and THAT is when your business starts to fly.  



Aristotle said, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” Knowing yourself is still the most difficult task any of us faces. Until you know yourself, strengths and weaknesses, you cannot truly succeed and move to significance. The relationship with yourself is therefore one of the most important relationships in your life. If you do not have a full understanding of who you are then how are others supposed to get to know you? How can you take others to where you haven’t been?

To GROW your business, you must GROW your people. 
To GROW your people, you must GROW yourself
To GROW yourself, you must KNOW yourself.

All our programs, whether it’s on business mastery, life mastery or leadership, have been created for those who are serious about pursuing SUCCESS. Our programs have been designed to help you THINK differently so you DO differently. It is this that will bring consistent and exponential growth. Throw all that into the mix with an overdose of our own personal experiences and we deliver a program that is uniquely ours. It has been designed to be affordable, yet effective. Too many people are after the quick fixes. That we cannot do. If you are after the instant one pill to fix it all now, then we’re not the right person for you and we suggest you go elsewhere. Best that you know that now and not be disappointed later.


As Henry Cloud said, “We change our behaviour when the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of change.” You actually have to take JUST 1 step to get the life you want … the first one! Because that first step will set in motion all the other changes you need to do i.e.

Change your thinking, it will change your beliefs
Change your beliefs, it will change your expectations
Change your expectations, it will change your attitude
Change your attitude, it will change your behaviour
Change your behaviour and it will change your life!

There are many stories of business owners and corporate leaders who have used growth and leadership training to grow their business into a multi-million dollar business.  So – first grow yourself. Then live it and once you live it, lead your team. To skip self-growth is like trying to build a brick wall and leaving out the mortar and then wondering why you’re not achieving the results you want. That’s exactly what people will typically do – skip the part that makes ALL the difference. That’s why so many never achieve what is possible.This is all hard work! The rewards are HUGE if you get it right. You’ve got to stick with it. Do you want it badly enough?

You must, therefore, be willing to do whatever it takes.  And I do mean WHATEVER it takes! Everyone wants success (whatever that may be) and they are prepared to do anything … EXCEPT what it takes!  Understand and apply the learning from this and you’re on your way to building a recession-proof business or livelihood and living your dream life. If you’re in business, you must be prepared to commit to the work of first growing yourself and then your team. You see, personal development is not a quick fix for your business woes. It is a process.


To grow your business, you must grow your team. You can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed. No man can climb to genuine success without taking others along with him. You will only be deceiving yourself if you believe you can succeed without a team. Success is a matter of individual effort only to the extent that each person must decide, in his or her own mind, what is wanted.

Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others. ~ JACK WELCH

Training and development of team members is often cut when costs are tight. However, developing people needs to be seen as an investment, not a cost. Too often money spent on your team is used as a reward rather than as a strategic investment. The reality is that any money spent of growing your team serves multiple purposes: it can be an employee retention tool, a reward, a  pacifier as well as a strategic choice. An effective people development strategy is key for success and being able to react to changing business conditions.

That which one man can accomplish single handed, during an entire life time, is but meagre at best, no matter how well organised that man may be, but that which one man may accomplish through the principle of alliance with other men is practically without limitation. ~ NAPOLEON HILL


Anybody can start a business. But not everybody will do it right. Statistics show:

  • 8 out of 10 businesses fail in the first 5 years
  • Only 1% of business owners are millionaires

The most successful entrepreneurs and business owners were not all born with the natural talents, resources, skills or luck to make their businesses fly.  Neither were they the ones who graduated from College with the highest marks.

If we had a cent for every time we are asked “Is there somewhere I can go to learn about becoming an entrepreneur?”, we would be very rich today. The next most common question is “Can you give me the name of a good accountant” … No we can’t (as we do not want to be seen to be affiliated with any one accountant). But we can tell you what to look for when you’re looking for an accountant.

There is, unfortunately, no one place where you can find everything you need. All the information you need can be found on the internet. However, as an entrepreneur, you are going to be far too busy to spend time surfing the net to find the information you need or to read the 101 books you need to read. Information is therefore freely available. It is the implementation that requires experience.

When you break it all down, there are only 4 areas of business you must get right to succeed in business. I’m not saying that it’s easy to get it right but it can be done. Business Mastery is a learnable skill.

Any business owner has to wear 4 hats:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Operations
  • Administration
  • Leadership

Our business program is the result of over 40 years of training, learning and business experience. It is this experience that enables us to integrate rationality and intuition to give you a practical hands-on mentoring and coaching program that you can use in starting or running your business. We are not aware of any other curriculum that teaches this hands-on practical business skills that you need irrespective of your niche market.


We believe ...

Every person carries the seed of success in them. You have a unique gift and talent inside of you that can change the world. The biggest risk to your success is not the state of the economy, the banks, the marketplace, the government or even your competition. The biggest risk to YOUR success is thinking like most people think. YOUR success and the quality of life that it supports can only reflect the quality of YOUR thinking.

We believe …

If you do not stand for something, you will fall for anything. ~ ALEXANDER HAMILTON

We have asked “What makes the difference? What helps a person succeed in their career or business?” We have captured these answers and put them together in our courses for you. There are no written exams to pass – only the real life practical lessons we have learnt.

We believe …

Most things, including life and business mastery, can be learnt. It all starts with you. You can choose to step forward into growth or step backward into the safety of your current position. It is never too late to start. There is no perfect time. Take it from someone who has been there. If you are serious about growing yourself, about doing business. then just start now. You do have to START. Our only advice is DON’T do it alone – do it with a group of like-minded people.  It is what you add to your talent that makes the greatest difference. You can have talent alone and fall short of your potential. You can have a very high IQ and still fall short of your potential. Or you can go beyond talent and IQ and REALLY stand out amongst your peers and be the influencer.