‘Selfie’ verses Service?

In the conference room, with 1000 passionate and caring people from around the world, the speaker wrote up these words on the flip-chart: “Selfie versus Service”...


When I teach I  say, there may be one idea you take away from this workshop or this conference, that when you apply it, it will change your life. ‘Selfie’ verses Service was one such idea for me.

‘Selfie’, is not just a comment on the practice today to take selfies and show them off using social media. ‘Selfie’ is a comment about the culture of ‘selfie’: me first, look at me, how I am the best, I offer the best.  But ‘Selfie’ forgets about real leadership; leading change that makes a difference.


Real Leadership

Real leadership of change starts with, “Who did you help today?

If we were looking at the needle on the display for your effort to serve others today, where would the significance needle display? Is that where you want it to be? I asked my self these questions, and will continue to do so, every day!

Serving others is not just a ‘nice idea’, a nice to have, touchy-feely word with no place in the real world. No, serving others is as relevant in business, in the office and in the variety of roles we perform as it is in our personal relationships.

In business it can take the form: Is my first thought, ‘What does my customer/client need?


Which Team Are You?

Brendon Burchard, High Performance Coach was the speaker and he threw out a challenge to us in the room, and I pass the challenge onto you.

“Are you on the team to lead the team in service – service culture  – or are you in the team to be ‘be liked’, to pay the mortgage, to have a job and do as little as possible and still get paid – selfie culture?”

Firefighter Serving

Brendon extended the challenge…

When we develop a service attitude, we don’t, ‘hope we do it ok’, we are not ‘maybe in’, or guessing it ‘might work’. When we serve, we are ‘all in’ with an attitude of excellence and the expectation we will do this!  We are committed to lead to achieving what we set out to do, even if that leadership is only that I will lead myself. What describes the attitude, mindset you have when you work when you meet with others?

Work Harder on Myself

With an attitude of service, we are prepared and expect to work harder. And first, I work harder on myself. I ask myself the question, ‘Who needs me on my A game right now?’ What do I need to do, to learn, to be on my A game right now?

I ask you, Who needs you on your A game? At work? At home? In the community? What do you need to work on to be able to deliver it?


So what. Why is ‘Selfie verses Service’ so important? Because our mindset determines our results. When we change our mindset from ‘selfie’ to service – that’s when real transformation comes.

  • When we are ‘Selfie’ focussed:
    • We will COMPETE with everyone in our industry, COMPETE with others in our life for attention and feelings of worth and significance.
  • When we are Service focussed:
    • We will LEAD the industry and we LEAD our life, secure in our own worth and significance.
    • When we are Service focussed we ask, ‘What is our intention for this meeting, this deal, this relationship?… And it is always about how to best serve and we follow through with action.

Serving Intentionally

We are here to serve others. We need to make that mind-shift and then the mind-shift needs to show up in our calendar…in MY calendar and MY daily actions. Then it is real and not just hype. Then it is part of who I am and what I do. It flows from inside me, from character, intentionality and personal choice – it flows in Service. The gate to next level service is next level service mindset.

Don’t be content to merely transition through life… SERVICE is the key to real TRANSFORMATION.

Photos Courtesy of Pixabay



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