On Sunday 12 August 2018, the Channel 7 News had a report titled “Phone Ban”. As viewers watched on, it became clear that the news was not just about banning phones, it was more about violence in Perth schools.

The gist of the story is that fights in schools are increasing. These fights are being recorded on mobile phones and then posted on social media. One teacher believes that fights will stop if we can prevent them from being posted online – hence the call for a ban on phones in school.

On the right is the short edited version:

I started out writing this article to help parents decided whether to homeschool their kids or not – and then I read this. So I’ll save the article on homeschooling for another post.

This is the gist of the news: An 11-year-old girl in a private co-ed school was hung from a tree with a skipping rope by another kid in the same school. She would have died if a teacher had not run out to take her down. This is being investigated by police.

I have a grandson about to enter primary school next year and this news had me horrified and re-thinking about safety from bullying in private schools. I used to think that private schools (if you can afford it) would keep our kids safe. Apparently not!

What on earth is happening to our children? While I’m concerned about the ones being bullied, I’m even more concerned about the source of this problem – the bullies! How did they become like that? Where have we gone wrong?

In searching for an answer, I found this article and that author says it basically boils down to one reason – parents!

Hmmm! Perhaps we need to re-think how we fix the bullying problem! Here is one article that has suggestions for parents.

The trouble with this type of articles is that parents will read this and think “My sweet child is not a bully” and then start thinking, “To whom shall I forward the article …” Have you met parents like that?

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