Our growth and leadership programs have been designed to help you THINK differently so you DO differently. It is this that will bring consistent and exponential growth. Throw all that into the mix with an overdose of our own personal experiences and we deliver a program that is uniquely ours. It has been designed to be affordable, yet effective. Too many people are after the quick fixes. That we cannot do. If you are after the instant one pill to fix it all now, then we’re not the right person for you and we suggest you go elsewhere. Best that you know that now than be disappointed later.

As Henry Cloud said, “We change our behaviour when the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of change.” You actually have to take JUST 1 step to get the life you want … the first one! Because that first step will set in motion all the other changes you need to do i.e.

Change your thinking, it will change your beliefs
Change your beliefs, it will change your expectations
Change your expectations, it will change your attitude
Change your attitude, it will change your behaviour
Change your behaviour and it will change your life!

There are many stories of business owners and corporate leaders who have used growth and leadership training to grow their business into a multi-million dollar business.  So – first grow yourself. Then live it and once you live it, lead your team. To skip self-growth is like trying to build a brick wall and leaving out the mortar and then wondering why you’re not achieving the results you want. That’s exactly what people will typically do – skip the part that makes ALL the difference. That’s why so many never achieve what is possible.This is all hard work! The rewards are HUGE if you get it right. You’ve got to stick with it. Do you want it badly enough?

You must, therefore, be willing to do whatever it takes.  And I do mean WHATEVER it takes! Everyone wants success (whatever that may be) and they are prepared to do anything … EXCEPT what it takes!  Understand and apply the learning from this and you’re on your way to building a recession-proof business or livelihood and living your dream life. If you’re in business, you must be prepared to commit to the work of first growing yourself and then your team. You cannot take your team where you haven’t been.You see, personal development is not a quick fix for your business woes. It is a process.

I must admit when I was asked by the board at age 38 to become the CEO of Garrisons National Financial Planning Group I felt somewhat inadequate due to a lack of prior experience as a CEO. That’s when I found in a bookshop the book ‘Developing The Leader Within You’ – by John C. Maxwell. Well it became my life line and reference manual and John Maxwell the author my mentor. Each of the 10 chapters were a fantastic help. It gave me the confidence to step up and grow into the role of CEO. Chapter 5 was the key one to get me started. I used “problem solving” as a way to gain leadership and get the support of the staff! I may well have never made the transition from using control as my main leadership tactic to becoming a effective servant leader if I had not studied this hugely practical and brilliant book and applied it!!!

NoteAt age 49, as CEO and major shareholder of Garrisons, John sold the business to a Packer backed company for $40m. He had transformed the small company he started in Tasmania into a successful franchise business with 65 offices across Australia

John Sikkema

Executive Chairman, Speaker, Author, Business & Thought Leader, Halftime Australia