Business courses are written specifically for the busy or would-be entrepreneur in mind. It is written in your language and broken down into the different business areas. Course content includes fluff-free detailed hands-on operational matters you want to know when you’re in business – the nitty-gritty of how to start a business, running and growing your business and well as preparing it for sale. What you will find in here is over 40 years of training, learning and business experience. Sign up to our Heartbeat Newletter to be kept up to date on the release date for our various products.

The courses, many of which are free, included under Business Mastery are split into the 3 main business categories – Sales & Marketing, Operations and Administration. Leadership is taught under the Life Mastery series, Growth 4 Success and Thinking 4 Success. You will find these in our Store.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, or if you require advice on implementation, subscribe to our Business Club As a member of the Business Club, you will enjoy the benefits of regular fortnightly teaching and live support calls where we show up to answer any business question your may have. You can also receive support either through our Support Ticket or on our Closed Face Book Group for Business Club Members.


This can be split in the following categories:

  • Growth 4 Success
  • Thinking 4 Success
  • Beyond Darkness

The courses focus on the Building Blocks of Success – Skills, Habits, Mindset and Character.  Our focus is on delivering real, sustainable results through a proven behavioural based, continuous education progam. Our programs are designed to not just implement the change, but also address the issues that will prevent change in the first place or arise from the introduction of any change i.e. mistrust, misunderstanding and misinformation. The objective is to implement a linear compounding model for personal and organisational growth and leadership development.

  • Linear – in design to flow forward and grow in an increasing and expanding awareness;
  • Compounding – in that it will build layer upon layer of previous knowledge, experience and practice ensuring a solid foundation to growth.


One of the most effective ways of staying on target and focused on your goals is to be an active participant in a Mastermind Group. Yet most Mastermind Groups fall apart after a few meetings. in Think & Grow Rich, Napolean Hill wrote, “No two minds ever come together without, thereby, creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind.”

However, not always is this third mind a “Mastermind”. For there to be a true Mastermind, there must be a definite chief aim and a spirit of harmony. Our Equip Mastermind series are designed to overcome this by gathering together like-minded individuals. These groups start at specific intervals so everyone can start together at the same time and finish together. Because together is how we can truly enjoy the power of the Mastermind. Together, we can learn, apply what we learn, impact others around us and make that difference.