“Everything worth learning will take time to master.” Wendy Marman


May I ask you a couple of questions?

When you plan a long journey or a holiday how much time so you spend thinking about it?

How long before you travel do you start thinking of it?

  • Thinking and planning where you will go and how you will get there;
  • The fun things you will do;
  • Saving, so you have the finances you need;
  • Ready to Fly

    Planning, who will travel with you;

  • Booking the core things you want to do so you don’t miss out.

When you do plan your holiday and book ahead –

  • Do you anticipate fun or problems?
  • Do you procrastinate or do you look forward with joy and growing anticipation?

Your answer_______________________. What about your life? Your life journey and destination.

Do you spend as much time planning your life, as you do your holidays or even a business trip?

If you spend more time planning your holidays, you are not alone. But even better – you can change direction today! Your life is worth the time and effort to consider, plan and invest in AND it will repay you abundantly, compounding over the years in joy, possibilities, good health and personal experiences, many of which you may not yet even dream about.

First Step

Investing time and energy doesn’t happen accidentally. It only happens intentionally when specific time is set aside to accomplish the task. This is the first Step. Invest energy and time, thinking and planning ahead to clarify you are heading in the right direction?

Step Two

This is where the power of transformation begins. The daily actions needed to put your plans into action are translated into daily actions which are scheduled in diary or calendar.

A little Checklist:-

Have you included specific time actions for:-

  • Having fun?
  • Keeping fit and healthy?
  • Personal and skill development?
  • Spending time with those you care deeply about?
  • Creating positive relationships?
  • Financial and career education and practices?
  • Ensuring your actions and thinking maximise your energy and vitality?

Without the balance of these range of priorities you are unlikely to succeed in the long run as unbalanced focus does is not sustainable.

Living Life Mastery

I was first asked the holiday-verses-life planning question several years ago. The question opened my eyes and challenged me. I was not in control of my life and I realised I wanted to be.

I woke up, took personal responsibility, changed my thinking, changed my actions and the changed direction of my life to be who I wanted to be and go where I wanted to go. I chose to no longer leave my life to chance. I committed not to give away my life to other people’s plans for me, nor even to my own fears. I took personal responsibility, faced my fears and turned in the direction I wanted to go. And I started walking, one step at a time. Years later my journey is continuing and it is more exciting every day. It continues to be an exciting journey of discovery, learning, mastery and joy.

Beside Lake Erie, Canada

As a result of taking those steps, I am writing from Canada. I have walked the side of Lake Erie, introduced a second cousin to the delights of Mexican food and enjoyed watching chipmunks, squirrels. In two days I will be experiencing the magnificence and beauty of Niagara Falls before heading to the USA to complete two more courses that will expand both my professional and personal skills.

When I started my journey I could not see these details but the framework was in place. Visiting the Falls was on my list of places to see. Building strong extended  family relationships was a key life priority and becoming the person who could live this lifestyle was my personal growth goal.

To Help You Start Your Life Mastery Journey

So In starting you plan complete these three statements?

  • When I am at my very best I am ________________________.
  • The qualities I most admire and want to live in my life are_____________________.
  • The values I choose to live by are_________________________________.

Once you have answered those three statements then you can go and answer the next ones. This may take time. Don’t worry It is worth the investment.

  • To reach my dreams I am prepared to do/invest in myself______________________?
  • In reaching my dreams I will never___________________________ because to do so would go against who I am and what I stand for. That cost is too high and I will not pay it.
  • The sort of people I would like to work with/serve are _____________________.
  • The experiences I would like to have and the places I would like to travel are _____________________.

If you have taken this step you and really answered these questions – CONGRATULATIONS – you have taken your first step to mastering your own life, on your terms. Most important  – KEEP GOING!

BE the person who can DO the actions to HAVE the life you desire.

BE – DO – HAVE. They always come in that order. See you next week for the next exciting step on your life mastery journey.

Airport Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Main Photo by Duane Storey on Unsplash

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