Raise the Leadership Awareness of your Team

The John Maxwell Leadership Game

Are you taking advantage of the greatest and most untapped competitive advantage available today?

Bring this to your next management meeting

Introduce Timeless Leadership Principles To Your Organization

  • Test your grasp of everyday leadership values and practices.
  • Engage in open discussions with your team in a relaxed setting.
  • Discover ways to strengthen your team’s leadership abilities.


Exclusive ONLY to the John Maxwell Team Certified Coaches

This game can only be facilitated by those who are mentored directly by John C Maxwell. You cannot buy this game even if you wanted to! Experience this game first hand for yourself. 

Price: AUD990 including GST for a 2 hour session – Perth, Western Australia and Canberra, ACT only. Additional disbursements apply for other Australian cities and other countries.


Play the game with 6 -12 of your most influential leaders and find out how you can help your team improve their leadership intelligence and increase their effectiveness and productivity … AND bring about positive change through communication and connection! Feedback from participants has all been extremely positive with many requesting that the game is played again at the next company leadership meeting.


The John Maxwell Leadership Game is a comprehensive game based on the teachings of John C. Maxwell. The game helps organizations improve their leadership intelligence and increase their effectiveness. Every leadership law can be learned.”

How? Play the game with 6 -12 of your most influential leaders and find out!

Typical comments from participants:

Really enjoyed the game. Brought out the sides of the players you don’t normally hear or see. Enjoyed the interaction.

The game forced us to confront and discuss issues that might not normally be discussed. This was a creative leadership tool to add to our toolbox.

Learnt that I had to take a closer look at what I can do to improve my team. That sometimes, what I think is going good, is not in line with what others may be thinking.

Biggest takeaway from the game: Learnt a lot about my fellow leaders and that as our company grows, we have to become better leaders.

10 Reasons Why You MUST Play This Game With Your Team

Real and honest conversations ALWAYS open up doors to opportunities for positive change and new ideas being born for oneself and/or for the group as a whole. Asking questions is the best way to lead a conversation and a group to constructive engagement and results.

A great opportunity and invitation for a reality check of one’s personal weaknesses, or those of the team. Hearing other people express what they struggle with, both on a personal and a professional level, is both humbling and empowering. We come to realize that we ALL have things we struggle with, we are not alone. And we get empowered by the shared ideas of how to deal with a current situation or challenge. By sharing our “issues”, or at the very least thinking about it for oneself, this game helps the players become aware of issues of resistance, irritation and stress, and through conversation enables some to surrender to what is. From there, it is much easier to address the issue. Our inner critical voice tells us all the time about our weaknesses, but never gives any great advice or support on how to improve. Sharing a challenge and/or weakness in this safe environment is ideal, as the players get support and ideas of how to take action for a positive change.

With today’s stressful lifestyle, almost everyone have a sleep-issue on their list. Either wanting and needing to go to bed earlier, or wanting to wake up earlier to better profit from morning productivity. Everyone agrees to how easily this point could be dealt with. Yet, we all seem to never really get to actually making that change. Perhaps because it seems so easy and doesn’t feel all that important. As a very positive effect from playing the game it is enabling the participants to make the necessary changes to turn the light off earlier at night.

Adults sitting down together to play a leadership game for a moment, especially during working hours, is the best group coaching you will ever experience. Nothing can compete with it.

In normal conversations, acknowledging our co-workers, friends, family members or superiors for their strengths is not typically something most people do. Hearing players share what, how much and why they appreciate other players around the table allows individuals to experience a very powerful, positive and beautiful moment that not only acknowledges their skills, but also fills them with joy and a strengthened self-esteem. This is a very important role of a leader, to make the team members feel seen, heard, understood and appreciated.

Everyone’s total presence is intense during the game. Because of the brilliant questions of the game, the engagement and commitment is TOTAL. No checking iPhones, no chatting on the side, no drifting off on important to-do-lists, “just” total engagement and full presence. That in itself is so rare, and important, that it has a therapeutic effect on the whole group. Your team doesn’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care. Invest some time to sit down and connect with your team.

The creation of action points the players come up with during the game and will implement in their daily habits in order to create a healthier lifestyle gives everyone a great kick in the a$$ets to make a positive change. By starting a better habit, personal or professional, even with a very small step, we can create BIG results in the long run! Seeing your leader commit to making a positive change by creating a new habit or taking action on something that will lead to positive change, will automatically motivate the members of the team to step up their game and do the same. Lead by setting the example.

The power of a mastermind group conversation is demonstrated at its very best! Each individual brings their particular strengths, skills and uniqueness. The combination of all the players adding their individual package, with the birth of new ideas, encouragements, words of wisdom, constructive feed-back and more powerful questions coming from the group discussion, creates a true moment of masterminding. A leader will multiply its capacity, force and influence by including the team in the discussion and plans for the future.

 This kind of quality time allows for the members of a team to actually get to know each other better on a personal level! In our daily work environment, we tend to focus on the task, the project and the result, but not so much on the individual. Learning things about our team members or partners, makes us appreciate them even more, and we feel more appreciated by our team members.

Having FUN together is so underrated! Stepping out of the daily stress and “productivity mode”, and allowing a moment of being, connecting, understanding and laughing puts a big smile on everyone’s face! That smile has a ripple effect that works miracles for the individual and for the group – and in the extension for the company, long after we’ve finished playing the game.

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