“If you have a clear vision, you will eventually attract the right strategy. If you don’t have a clear vision, no strategy will save you.” Michael Hyatt

Creating the life you want is more than ‘How to’. Can you see in your mind, feel in your heart, the future you want to create? Is it crystal clear, or as the saying goes, is it clear as mud?

Last week on my blog, 3 Steps to Your Best Year Yet, I introduced you to Step1: CLARITY.

If you know and can ‘see’ where you are going you have a better chance of getting there.

Expressed the other way around: If you don’t know where you are going you won’t know how to get there. Either way, it is not a difficult idea… Then why, in practice, does it seem so hard?

Clarity of the MIND

CLARITY is about mind vision. Vision now – guided by the future you want to create. Clarity can be ideas and/or a mental picture of a planned or hoped for, but yet unrealised, future. We can have clarity in one part of our life and not in another, just like looking out your windows on a foggy morning – once side clear and sunny; the other direction – a fog. The lack of clarity in the present can sometimes come from our past.


Wash The Windscreen

The Australian outback is known for its red soil and dust. It gets everywhere, through everything. My friends had completed a caravanning holiday through central Australia. They described the dust – all over the car and even in the fully locked and sealed van. It got so bad they couldn’t continue. Their vision had become ‘clear as mud.’ To continue on they had to stop and wash the windscreen. Every day repeat – inside and out – while they went through that part of the journey. Finally, when they were away from the red dust plains, then they stopped and washed and cleaned and then continued on their adventure.

You may not be travelling on red dust roads but you may have your own muddy windscreen. Is washing your personal windscreen your first required action to gain clarity and move forward?

A blocked, blurred or distorted vision is not a new problem. Two thousand years ago a man wrote, “What we see now is like a dim image in a mirror. Then we shall see face to face.” How do we go from the dim image to the clarity of seeing our dreams, face to face? Our thinking can be our dirty windscreen. Wash our thinking, Change our thinking – is to let new positive ideas in to wash away the old negative ones.


Start Where You Are.

Have you ever done a jigsaw… a large one, 1000 pieces or more? Have you ever done it without looking at the picture on the box lid? I love jigsaws. On holidays growing up, my mum would get out various 3000 piece plus jigsaws and we would all work and play together until it was done. The whole dining table was out of action for what seemed like weeks with jigsaw pieces from end to end. As an adult jigsaw puzzles are still a favourite and that is what I did last weekend on a coastal break – the jigsaw came out. Between meals and beach walks and all the other activities, my husband and I relaxed over the jigsaw, piece by piece.

Do you have a picture of what life success looks like for you?

As we puzzled away I suddenly thought:

“Doing a huge complex jigsaw without even having a picture on the lid to look at, is the way many people live their lives.”

Does this sound like your life?

Don’t worry, you are not alone and you CAN LEARN how to create YOUR VISION, putting all the pieces together, to create YOUR DREAM LIFE?


Lessons From a Jigsaw

As I continued to complete the puzzle I thought back to the jigsaw lessons I learned from my amazing mum, lessons that made solving the puzzle so much fun even as it was a challenge. Lessons that I constantly apply to my life.

Lesson 1: Set The Boundaries:

With the boundaries in place, you can start building the picture.

In jigsaw terms, this is the edge. We sorted through all the pieces and found all the edge pieces. Then started to put them together, section by section.

In life terms, it is what is important to you, not what is important to someone else. It is learning to be the best you that you can be – not being a copy of someone else…

  1. I know who I am. I’m clear about my values my strengths and my weaknesses. I know how I want to be better. I know what is outside my character and values and the price I will not pay.


Further Lessons from the Jigsaw: The edge can be tricky. Last weekend one section of the puzzle was not working. Nothing connected to a section of the edge. The pieces the wrong way round! They looked like they fitted together but they weren’t quite right. As they were they had allowed us to make significant progress but, to finish, we had to take them out, re-arrange them and put them back together differently. Don’t wait for everything to be perfect to start. Just start now. As you clarify your answers to who you are, what you want and how you want to reach your goals, don’t be scared to change and improve your understanding as you progress.

Lesson 2: Set Where You Are Going:

This is not only about having or even doing – though they will be a part of it. This is about creating a life worth living  – a life full of colour, passion, joy, love, adventure, challenges, empowering relationships, contribution, giving. And yes, even sadness and dark moments because to never feel pain is to never be able to feel joy and not to know darkness is to lose the beauty of light. J

In Jigsaw terms:  You do this by collecting like colours and patterns, grouping them together and beginning to build out from there.

In Life terms: it is asking the ‘colour’ questions to discover what you really want and why? It is creating a positive picture of what success looks like and understanding where you are now, not just in one aspect, but in every area of your life!  You need both places – you cannot plan a new course to get somewhere else if you don’t know where you are starting from.

  1. I know what I want. I’m clear about my goals and passions. I know WHY I want it and why not having it is unacceptable. I know where I want to serve others and the types of relationships I want to create. I know what I am not prepared to do because it is incongruent with who I am. I know what I have now and what I don’t have but will need – so I can start the learning and gathering process.

Most important: Doing a jigsaw is about feeling the fun, enjoying the challenge while you solve the puzzle. How do you want to feel in the life you are creating? What puts energy into your emotional tank? What drains it? Remember to answer the energy and emotional questions. Research shows – Ignore these emotional, ‘soft’ questions which add colour and meaning to your life and you will never create a life that feels worthwhile. Even if others see you as a success without understanding the ‘colour of life’ questions you will not feel successful or worthwhile.

Lesson 3: Develop a plan to get there:

The more you have in place the easier and faster to find and fit in what you still need.

In Jigsaw terms: Once you have the bulk of the edge pieces in place and all the pieces where you can see them, you can choose what you first and next and next

In Life Terms: This is having a plan. Having recognised what you have at your disposal and what you don’t have YET, you create a plan.

  1. I know how to get what I want. I have a plan to achieve my dreams. I have identified the skills I need to learn, the qualities and fitness I need to develop and when I have scheduled the activities required.

In your jigsaw, you choose the key colour and patterns first and the picture begins to unfold. Then you connect them and parts of the picture emerge.


Next step is to add these into the puzzle frame where they fit. Once you get some pieces in place it is much easier to find the missing piece. Now you look for the connecting pieces – the pieces that connect and hold the other pieces together, you build that connection out one piece at a time… and before you know it, your puzzle is complete and it is time for the next adventure.

A picture emerges

In Life, the principles are still the same – first things first.

  • What needs to be done first?
  • What will take the longest so you need to start early and work on progressively even as you do other things?
  • Are there skills you need to learn, courses you need to do?
  • Are there mentors you need to find? Who is good at what you want to achieve?
  • How can you learn from them to make the journey, faster and easier?



Puzzles are a Team Activity

Puzzles were always a time for family fun for our family. Some of my best family memories are over a challenging jigsaw puzzle. We worked together as a team. We shared in the satisfaction of a completed result. Your CLARITY adventure can be fun too…


Pick Your Adventure Team

  • Who can be your adventure companion?
  • Who in your life fills you with energy because they are such a joy to be around?
  • Who encourages you?
  • Who will work with you to bring out your best, not just what they want for you?

Who is good at what you want to do or has complementary skills, strengths in areas that you are not so strong in?


Ready for Adventure!

Is this you? You are ready for more in your life. More meaning, more fun, more joy, more health, more balance. Less stress, less overwhelm, less feeling lost or exhausted. Ready to be the best version of you – not a copy of someone else. You are ready to choose your own adventure, on your own terms. You are ready to WIN. 

With Simply…MY Best!  you will:

  • Know who you really are and how to live that out every day
  • Know what you stand for
  • Know the joy from being the best you possible
  • Know how to build strong caring relationships that make life worth living
  • Know how to live where everything is in BALANCE
  • Discover the passions that give you the energy to live a vibrant, meaningful life.
  • Discover new levels of courage and leadership. As you lead your own life others will see and want to follow.
  • Be part of a special community of people, surrounded by a team of people encouraging you and empowering you
  • BEST OF ALL – You will learn how to put all the pieces together and LIVE THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS.

Simply…MY Best!  Enrolment is opening in December. Contact us to register your interest. In the meantime, watch out next week for Step 2 in creating your Best Year Yet – CONNECTION

Header Photo by Katie Moum on Unsplash 
Jigsaw photos by the author

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