“There are so many kinds of beautiful.”

Last week I wrote to you from my friend Dorothy’s home in Arizona, Working Together for Good. Today I continue that adventure from the High Sierra in Southern Arizona, not far from the Mexican border.  As I write this, in the high desert, I am almost overwhelmed by the beauty around me. A foreign, yet majestic beauty, for me… a stranger, in a strange land.

At the back of the house is a vegetable garden. In it, where it is watered and cultivated, grown from seeds deliberately planted, are the only plants I recognise…Tomatoes, Capsicum (Bell peppers), Eggplant.

Around me, in a stunning array of gold, olive green, deep blue and brown is the desert, the mountains and the grazing land. Around the home is a beautiful garden of rocks and thorns with so many plants I cannot recognise… except to say there are a lot of cacti… And I thought the Australian bush was prickly.

If you could have told me plants with thorns could be beautiful I would have said you are crazy. They are different but still beautiful. Equipped to thrive in the high desert.

But it is not just the plants – even the mountains are different. Rising high and bold from the flat high plain they stand like colourful sentinels, disappearing from time to time in the last of the monsoon rains and then framed by a wide deep blue sky… A different blue, without the eucalyptus oil in the air which gives the sky at home its distinctive hue.

Tall Cactus

The gold of the native grasses on the far hill reminds me of the hills of the grazing land in the dry Australian bush. The green of some of the native trees is a little like the gum trees in colour but there the resemblance ends – but it is still beautiful and I rejoice in the beauty.

Beauty In Our Lives

But what about beauty in the difference in our daily lives?…

I have been challenged, as I have learned more about the Model of Human Behaviour, to think about how I respond to the differences in people…those I love, those I work with, those I meet each day.

I have been challenged:

Do I tolerate or celebrate the differences of the people in my life?


From Tolerate to Celebrate

I have come along way but I know I can do better. Each day I choose now to intentionally seek to celebrate the differences. CELEBRATE, NOT TOLERATE.

Do I always succeed…No, but that doesn’t stop me working on it…or experiencing the benefits from changing my attitude and actions.

Celebrate Your Life

Now I want to leave you with a challenge: Fill in the blanks then take the action…

  1. One person I will celebrate more is__________________.
  2. One good thing/gift or skill I will affirm and celebrate in them is_______________.
  3. One action I will take to demonstrate my celebrating them is_________________.

All Done?

When it is  – celebrate! Then repeat!

Enjoy the beauty in difference.

Out the Front Door


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