When you seek greater clarity, want better results, when you want life to give you better answers, ask better questions!


Are your questions focussed around the idea of survival: “Will I survive?” Do you feel trapped or lost? You are scared of being hurt therefore you focus on safety.

Are your questions focussed around acceptance, “Will I be accepted? Will I succeed?”? Your focus is on fitting in, being accepted and security.

In contrast, when your questions are more, “Am I living my truth and growing into my potential? Am I living an inspired life and inspiring others?”, you are more focussed on living your freedom life. When you are asking these questions joy and purpose can replace the restless aimlessness and dullness of the comfort zone.

Where are you spending your time? What questions are you asking you? Think about it.

In the comfort zone of the settled for life, life may seem unknowable or the freedom life impossible. Your world is familiar, same old, same old and therefore stale. When you fly free like and eagle, life is full of wonder and meaningful and world filled with exciting possibilities. You’re not worried about making waves, upsetting the status quo. You focus on doing what’s right and meaningful. Expect controversy, problems and hurt feelings to happen along the way. Press on anyway. You meet the problems when they arise, in accordance with your values – but always you march on. Your freedom life is not a fairytale life, nor an obstacle free existence. Rather it is a life where can be you, enjoy the journey: obstacles and challenges included! Because it is in facing life’s challenges that you design your own destiny.


The characteristics described above became my checklist. They showed me where I was starting from and helped me measure my progress. I was inspired when I understood that many, who now live this seemingly impossible freedom life were once trapped or restless, like me. I knew, if they could learn and change their life, then I could too.

With the checklist I could see how far I had already come in some areas of my life. This increased my hope and belief that I could make the other changes needed. The clarity I gained helped me prioritise my focus, “What next?”. Prioritising helped me plan a course of action to create my new future. The material in this blog and my new book comes, in part, from that journey.


Complete this checklist for your life:

  1. Is my question of myself mostly:
  •  “Will I survive?”
  •  “Will I be accepted and succeed?”
  •  “Am I living my truth and growing into my potential? Am I living an inspired life and inspiring others?”
  1. I am focussed on:
  • Safety
  • Security, Fitting In, Status Quo
  • Freedom, Purpose, Joy
  1. I use obstacles and problems as:
  • An excuse to stop and give up
  • An excuse to not try much, not to do anything new or different.
  • An expected part of the journey that can guide me to learn and do things better.
  1. I feel:
  • Trapped, Fearful
  • Bored, Frustrated
  • Free, Alive & Energised

The more first points you ticked the more you are living a trapped life.       Total ____

The more second points the more you are living a settled for life.    Total ____

The more third points you ticked the more you are living your freedom life.           Total ___


Now you can say, “I can do this!”
Living your freedom life doesn’t have to wait for a specific set of circumstances or results. It is not, ‘I’ll live my freedom life when… (whatever excuse you have been telling yourself.)”

Freedom often comes after you have done what you were ‘supposed to do’. And after you become who you thought you were supposed to be and lived where you were supposed to live. Only then, you realise, it is time to live who you really are, the best version of you. Each day freedom grows because you continuously learn and grow. Where are you now?  What is most important in your life now,? Five years? Ten years? What legacy do you want to leave? What will make you feel most proud of the life you live?

Write your priorities priorities to create your freedom life.

Here’s to you. Here’s to your freedom! Here’s to your future. and your legacy that you are proud of.

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Wendy Marman

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