Our Beliefs and Values

  1. We are a small, values based organisation which allows us to be client focussed and flexible in our delivery.
  2. We work collaboratively with other independent providers who have the same beliefs and values that we have to provide the expertise service in areas that we are not skilled to provide.
  3. We care deeply about our clients and their success. We work together, in partnership, across the organisation.
  4. We live what we teach. All out trainers are actively pursuing personal growth and are being mentored, coached and have taken courses from the current and classic top leadership, and high performance trainers in the world, including for example, John Maxwell, Brendon Burchard, Zig Ziglar, Stephen Covey, Bob Buford and Napolean Hill.
  5. We believe that events can be an effective catalyst but lasting improvement must rely on a process.

What makes the Equipped 4 Success Team different?

Our team have:

  • Worked in all 4 corners of the world – we understand there are cultural differences and training is not a one size fits all. Specifics must be adapted to each country.
  • Experience in government, military, education, business, faith and community i.e. 6 out of the 7 spheres of influence – we are experienced in the application of leadership, business and education principles and knowledge.
  • Combined experience of 200 years between us – As C.S. Lewis said “Experience: That most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God, do you learn.” Learn from our experiences and our mistakes. Speed up YOUR own journey to success.

Circle of successOur passion is equipping people to find their identity, their passion and their purpose, to be able to add value to you and your organization.

Our Approach

Our content is focused on value-add. It has not been structured to demonstrate a figure of Return on Investment (ROI).  To be able to calculate an ROI figure, we would have to engineer our content to enable that calculation to happen. That is not our focus. Our focus is purely on the individual’s responsibility to help their organization advance whereas most make organization advancement the focus rather than individual advancement the focus. However,  although we have not deliberately engineered the work we do to demonstrate ROI, it can be calculated by applying the business metrics or personal score cards that we have developed.

The Charities We Support

10% of all gross income from Equipped 4 Success goes to the charities we support. Supporting us means that the charities below will benefit.