Are you confident that you can make this coming year your BEST YEAR YET? You can be if you choose…

World leading success coach, Brendon Burchard, in an interview for SUCCESS Magazine, put it this way:

“Your next level of confidence is going to be willed. You’re just going to choose it.”

Brendon goes on to ask, “Then what’s the difference maker?”  In my words, “What attribute(s) do I need to develop to know for certain, whatever life throws at me, I can make this year my best year yet?”

High Performance Requires Consistent Action

Brendon and his team found, from years of research into high performance found the answer…

“Ultimately what we found underlying all six of the high-performance habits was confidence,” he says. “It was the one personal attribute that if you increased it, it increased your scores on all the other habits. So have confidence that you can figure things out. You don’t only get the next level of confidence in yourself after you gain more competence or connection. Your next level of confidence is going to be willed. You’re just going to choose it. You’re just going to go for it. And that’s going to be the difference maker.” B Burchard, Success Magazine Article, October 2017 (emphasis mine)

Intentional, Deliberate Choice

“So have confidence that you can figure things out.”

I know this works, not just because I have read the research but because I’m living proof. This is my life. As I have intentionally, deliberately taken advantage of opportunities to grow personally, through mentors, courses, conferences, reading, the more my belief in me and my ability to figure things out has grown.  The more competence I developed the more the more confident I have become.

Initially hoped I didn’t know what I really wanted, what to do or how to even begin… I just knew I didn’t want to be where I was. I decided the only answer was to grow me and search for the answers I lacked. So I started my journey on hope, but with minimal competence and minimal confidence. I knew I could learn and I hoped I could figure the things I needed to learn. Then I came face to face with this new idea, head on. It challenged me! Did I have confidence I could figure things out? Did I really believe that?… Did I feel that in the depths of my soul? Or were these words that only applied to someone else?

Maybe not to start with, but the more I grew I realised – Joy and celebration… I did have that confidence. I did believe I could figure things out… I had chosen to be confident and part of that had been consistently choosing the actions behind the confidence.


Build Confidence to Achieve Results

But I Can’t Know What Will Happen!

In particular, there were three steps that built that confidence that had to allow me to KNOW that I am creating this next year as my BEST YEAR YET. You may be thinking, but you can’t see what will happen. You don’t know, you may lose your job, lose a loved one, etc, etc…  Yes, you are partially right, I don’t know what will happen. But I do know that whatever happens, I have the confidence I can figure things out.


Master Your Choices

Mastering your choices to lead to that empowering CONFIDENCE can be achieved with 3 simple steps.  They are simple, but not necessarily easy or everyone would do them. Everyone would already be making this year, and every year, their best yet, learning and building each year on the successes and failures of the past. But they are not… but you can, starting today.

3 Steps


Simple really, If you don’t know where you are going, how can you know if you get there?

Gaining clarity on what is most important for you, what success looks like as you, not as someone else defines is foundational.

  • Action: Write a description of what success looks like to you and share it with a significant other.



As you connect to yourself, your values, what you deeply care about, as you connect to what you at your very best can be and then allow the energy that flows from connecting with your purpose, passion and vision you can move feel the power and confidence rise.

  • Action: Write a list of your top 3 values: that you will live your life by, that you want to be known for. Include a practical example of how you will live them every day.



Deep down we all want to know that our lives matter, that we matter. Our ability to contribute, in whatever way we can to making our world a better place gives us the reason to start and the power to continue.

  • Action: Ask your self each morning for a week, Who will I I do something special for today to encourage and empower them . Do It.


Choose For You

So I ask you, will you choose, with me, to be confident you can figure it out as you go and start creating your BEST YEAR YET, step by step.


Coming Soon

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For Those Who Really Want Their Best Year Yet

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